Anonymous Honesty

Yay! First post! I used to blog when I was younger, but I stopped the hobby for a while. Now that I am a college student, I thought it would be a good idea to pick it up again. You can call me by the name of my url: Confused Egg. I’m trying to make my blog a place where I can talk about my life without revealing my identity. However, I hope that my posts are interesting and that my readers enjoy their stay.

Here’s a little introduction on me (my blog will probably be based on the following):

  • Confused because that’s what I am. Egg because eggs are my favorite food.
  • I love to watch travel and food videos on YouTube.
  • I always hunt for the most natural beauty products, from face wash to mascara.
  • My fashion sense can be described as minimal.
  • My major is Biology, but I’m not too sure about it right now (will follow up on that in a later post).

And that’s all for now.  Thank you, and come again! : )


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